6 Pc Ludwig Element Lacquer Drum Set


6 Pc Ludwig Element Lacquer Drum Set

 Don't miss out on this 2010
Ludwig 6Pc Element Lacquer Finish in Charcoal Fade with black hardware. Huge discount, you won't find this kind of value and this price. This is my Black Friday Special.  This
set is in great shape with just a few small scratches on the black hardware. The
shells are pristine. I just put new Remo Vintage heads on. I played it only
occasionally. Never gigged with it, and it was kept in a smoke free studio.
Only the drums are part of the sale; the rack, hi-hat, bass pedals throne and
cymbals are not included. The sizes are 22X18" Kick, 16X16" FT,
13X10, 12X9 and 10X8 Rack toms and a 14X6.5 Snare. This is a great kit that
really thunders and will cut through the mix. Seriously, it sounds fantastic with a wide tuning range. I’m not a dealer.

The shells are a hybrid of Marbled Birch with a Poplar
core - an outer and inner hard layer sandwiching a slightly softer middle. The
Marbled Birch has a subtle, wavy, watermark-like grain and the lacquered finish
is glassily smooth. Bearing edges are a sharp 45 degrees with a single-ply 45
degree turn-over. They're accurate and well finished.

Birch definitely gives that dark edge - there is a
clarity and compactness which makes tuning and recording easy. This extends to
the bass drum - 18" is deep enough for a low tone, but not so deep you
lose definition. It's quite a hard sound, with relatively short sustain, a
controlled punch.

While the
toms have resonant 6mm, 6-ply (2:2:2 birch-poplar-birch) shells, the snare drum
and bass drum have 8mm, 8-ply (2:4:2) shells.

And the
snare drum hoops are also thicker - chunky 2.5mm rather than the already impressive
2mm of the toms. There are eight, not 10, double-ended lugs, which is enough
because the hoops are thick so there's little chance of distorting and the
tuning suffering. Plus, the shell is less stifled.

Ludwig has cut deep snare beds and the whole result is that this drum sounds
brilliant. With both batter and snare wires tightened quite high, the
definition is outstanding, without awkward overtones. At medium-soft tuning
there's a deep, thick tone; warm but edgy, dirty, wet and funky. Slackened off
even more, things get slushy, fat and swampy.

Overall the
bite of the birch off-set by the slack-ish tuning is a delicious combination. You’ll
love the rim-shots which have a metallic clank over a decidedly woody birch

Thanks for looking and good luck bidding.