Peavey Radial Pro 1000  9 Piece Maple Drum Set!!! Rare And Absolutely Amazing!


Peavey Radial Pro 1000  9 Piece Maple Drum Set!!! Rare And Absolutely Amazing!

Up for auction is my 9 Piece Peavey Radial Pro 1000 Maple Drum Set.  This set is VERY RARE and has been discontinued since 2002.  I was planning on holding onto them and passing them along to my son but he's just not into drumming.  I do not know what the exact title of the color is but I would describe them as a "Bright Amber" color.  They look absolutely stunning in the sunlight and even better under lights!!. Yes... there are 10 Drums in the photo but the 8" Tom on the very top fell over a couple years ago and had a hole punched through it.  I have heard it can be repaired but for how much I don't know.  It will obviously come with the set and you can do with it what you want.  This set was purchased NEW by ME from Mary's Music in Clarksville, TN back in the summer of 2002.  I was told by them that it was the demo set that Peavey had set up at the NAMM music festival in Nashville, TN earlier that year.  The interesting thing about these are that this is the largest set of complete Peavey Radial Pro 1000s that I have ever seen for sale (even with the 8" Tom being out of commission).  Very rarely...if ever will you find this many matching Radial Pro 1000 drums.  There are two snare drums (12" and 14") and two Bass Drums!! (18" and 22") These drums look and sound absolutely ridiculous!!! in a good way.  I had them set up in a spare bedroom for a couple of years and then moved to an apartment where I obviously couldn't play them.  They have literally been in climate controlled storage for nearly 6 years.  Overall they are in super good to excellent condition with only some very minor scratches and little dings here and there.  I can send more pictures if you contact me.  I was limited to 12 photos here.  The pictures I did post are indicative of the entire set.  The little scratch shown on the 22" Bass Drum is the worst I could find, and there are also some very light Tom dings on the top of the 22" Bass Drum that are hard to make out unless you look very close.  All of the other drums are what I would consider in excellent to almost mint condition for the most part.   All the RIMS mounting hardware is present and there is no rust or pitting to any of the chrome on the drums.  Included in this auction are the following drums:

8" Tom (has a 3/4" diameter hole punched in it...inoperable but may be repairable)

10" Rack Tom

12" Snare Drum (Factory Aquarian Heads on both sides in pretty decent shape)

12" Rack Tom

14" Rack Tom

14" Snare Drum (REMO Weatherking Coated Ambassador on Top head and factory Aquarian on Bottom)

16" Rack Tom

18" Floor Tom

18" Bass Drum (Factory Aquarian Heads both Batter and Resonate Heads)

22" Bass Drum (Aquarian Superkick II Batter Head, and REMO Weatherking Powerstroke 3 Bass on the Resonate Head)

All of the Tom Drums have REMO Weatherking Pinstripes on the batter heads and the factory Aquarian on the Resonate (Bottom Heads),  They are in pretty good shape but the batter heads could probably stand to be changed in the near future.  The 12" Snare has the factory Aquarian heads on both bottom and top and in decent shape.  The 14" Snare has a REMO Weatherking coated Ambassador head on the top and factory Aquarian on the bottom.  .

ALSO INCLUDED is all the hardware you see in the photos with the exception of the AXIS high hat stand and AXIS double bass pedal.  (Those are up for auction but listed separately) There is enough stands and equipment to mount all the drums and about 7 or 8 cymbals depending on what effects you like.  I am also including a set of REMO Roto Toms w/stand, Pearl Chimes, a Beat Block, and Tambourine....I'm NOT giving up my cowbell though!  There is a Gibraltar throne that is in very good rips, tears, etc...and two snare stands( one is a TAMA, the other is ROCK and both work perfectly)....All of the stands are original Peavy gear that is Heavy Duty Double Braced and it's ALL in very good condition.  A couple of the stands might have some very light rust specs here and there as they have been sitting for quite awhile but overall in great shape!   All of the hardware is compatible with the RIMS mounting system and includes 7 of the adjustable elbow mounts that you can probably make out in the pictures. 

Now here is the Kicker!  I WILL NOT ship this equipment as it is ridiculously heavy and I couldn't even imagine how much it would cost.  This is for Local Pick-Up only and I live in Columbia, S.C. So hopefully someone fairly close to me is interested in this awesome drum kit.  It would be well worth the drive.  I have attempted to describe this kit to the best of my ability.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me and I will gladly answer them as soon as I can.  Look for a couple of my other auctions as well and if interested I might be willing to offer a bit of a bundle discount to the winner of this Auction since you will have to pick up the drumset anyways.  I am listing a set of 14" Paiste Signature Series Sound Edge Hi-Hats (Top and Bottom), 14" and 15"  Paiste Signature Series Fast Crashes (cymbals don't get much better than these), as well as the AXIS hi-hat stand, and AXIS Double Bass Pedal shown in these photos.  Good Luck and thanks for looking at my auction.